The Virgins of the Rocks

Comparison between the London and Louvre version. The face of the woman in the center is nearly identical.A cross has been added to the child to the left. The angel's pointing hand has been removed and the color of her clothes has changed from red and green to yellow and  blue. The direction of the angels gaze has also been re-directed. 

Leonardo and Associates. 1495-1508 (1503-1506).  189.5 x 120 cm – 74.6 x47.2 in. National Gallery, London. 

1483-1486. Oil on panel transferred to canvas. 199cm x 122 cm (78.3 x 48 in) Louvre, Paris

The Louvre version was painted first and is thought to be painted by Leonardo. The reason for the almost identical second painting, called the London version, is that Leonardo was commissioned to paint this in 1483 but instead of providing this painting to fulfill the commission another was painted instead. It’s not clear if he did this so he could privately sell the first version or that the commissioners wanted it re-painted with changes. There are many theories to explain why there are two versions.  It used to be thought that Leonardo only oversaw the painting of the second version and assisted a little but more recent studies think he could have painted a lot more of it himself. 

Some think Ambrogio de’ Predis could have painted most of the London Version with Leonardo guiding. 

There are/ were two angels that were thought to be part of the original composition and that would fit into the alterpiece. They are both in the National Gallery with the London version. It's thought they were painted between 1490 -1495. The Red Angel is probably by Ambrogio de' Predis. The one in green is by someone else, probably Francesco Napoletano.