Although Leonardo is most known as a painter he actually only painted less than 20 - at least that have survived. Compared to other famous painters such as Picasso and Dali who painted thousands Leonardo spent more time on a select few rather than painting many. The Last Supper alone took 4 years to complete and the Mona Lisa almost 20! This page will display all of his known paintings and more information about them. The Last Supper and the Mona Lisahave their own pages and can be accessed by clicking their links. Leonardo's sketches and written works also have their own page. A gallery of all his images can be found here

This page will show his paintings in chronological order with the earliest starting at the top of the page. Some of the dates are not clear so this is the generally accepted order. 

List of his paintings in a relative chronological order: 

  1. The Baptism of Christ - 1470-1478
  2. The Annunciation (Uffizi) 1472-1475
  3. The Annunciation (Louvre) 1478-1482
  4. Madonna of the Carnation 1472-1478
  5. Ginevra De' Benci 1474-1478
  6. Benois Madonna 1478
  7. St. Jerome in the Wilderness 1480
  8. The Adoration of the Magi 1481
  9. Madonna Litta  (1481-1497)
  10. Virgin of the Rocks - (Louvre) 1483-1486
  11. Virgin of the Rocks (London) 1495-1508 (1503-1506)
  12. Portrait of a Musician 1490
  13. Lady with an Ermine 1489-1490
  14. La Belle Ferronniere 1490-1497
  15. Sala Delle Asse - 1496 -1498
  16. The virgin and Child with st Anne: Cartoon. 1499-1500 (1506-1508)
  17. Madonna of the Yarwinders - 1499-1507
  18. The Battle of Anghiari 1505
  19. The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne 1510
  20. La Scapigliata 1508
  21. Leda and the Swan 1504-1508
  22. St. John the Baptist 1513-1516
  23. Salvator Mundi 1506-1513


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