'Music which is consumed in the very act of its birth! (trattato i 29) 

Music has two ills, the one mortal the other wasting; the mortal is ever allied with the instant which follows that of the music's utterance, the wasting lies in its repetition, making it seem contemptible and mean. c.a. 382 v. a 

[With drawing] 

This is the manner of movement of the bow of the viol-player; and if you make the notches of the wheel in two different sizes [ ?] (tempi), so that one set of teeth are less than the other and they do not meet together as is seen in a b, the bow will have an equal movement, otherwise it will go in jerks. But if you make it in the way I say the pinion / will always move equally. b 50 v. 


Here you make a wheel with pipes that serve as clappers for a musical round called a Canon, which is sung in four parts, each singer singing the whole round. And therefore I make here a wheel with four cogs so that each cog may take the part of a singer. b.m. 137 v. 

I have several cords drawn in octaves the one above the others, and I wish that each may be drawn a finger more than before. I ask what weight will that be which will draw it, being of equal size or of double size, and what sound will remain. Forster 11 35 v. 

Of the music of water falling into its vessel. Leic. 27 r. 

With the help of the mill I will make unending sounds from all sorts of instruments, which will sound for so long as the mill shall continue to move. c.a. 271 v. a