Dated Notes 

'This winter of the year 1510 / loo\ to finish all this anatomy! 

On the second day of April 1489 the book entitled 'Of the Human Figure'. Fogli b 42 r. 


In eighty-nine [the year 1489] there was an earthquake in the sea of Satalia near to Rhodes. Leic. 10 v. 

On the twenty-third day of April 1490 I commenced this book and recommenced the horse. c 15 v. 


On the last day but one of February. 

Thursday on the twenty-seventh of September. 

The master Tommaso has returned, he has worked for himself down to the last day but one of February. 

On the eighteenth day of March 1493 Giulio the German came to live with me. 

Antonio, Bartolomeo, Lucia, Piero, Lionardo. 

On the sixth day of October. Forster in 88 v. 

On the sixteenth day of July. 

Caterina l came on the sixteenth day of July 1493. Forster in 88 r. 


On the first day of November we made up our accounts. Giulio had to pay for four months and the master Tommaso for nine. The master 

1 Caterina was the name of his housekeeper. See note as to household accounts of 29 January 1494 (p. n 57). There is a note in Forster MS. 11 as to the expenses of Caterina's burial: (see p. n 29) Caterina was the name of Leonardo's mother and conjecture may feed upon these facts. 


Tommaso afterwards made six candlesticks: ten days. Giulio sour- fin tongs: fifteen days. Then Giulio worked lor himself up to the twenty- 
seventh of May, and worked for me at a lifting- jack until the eighteenth (.\a\ of July, afterwards for himself until the seventh day oi August, and in this month, a day for a lady, then for me for two locks until the twentieth day of August. h 106 [37 r.] v. 


On the twenty ninth day of January 1494. 

Cloth for hose four lire of five soldi 

Lining sixteen soldi 

Making eight soldi 

Salai eight soldi 

Ring of jasper thirteen soldi 

Sparkling stone eleven soldi 

Caterina ten soldi 

Caterina ten soldi h 64 [16] v. 

On the 2nd day of February 1494 at the Sforzesca I have drawn 
twenty-five steps each of two thirds of a braccio and eight braccia wide. 

H65 [17] v. 

On the twenty-fifth day of August twelve lire from Polyxena. 

On the fourteenth day of March 1494 Galeazzo came to live with 
me, agreeing to pay five lire a month for his keep, paying on the 
fifteenth day of each month. 

His father gave me two Rhenish florins. 

On the fourteenth day of July I had two Rhenish florins from 
Galeazzo. h 41 r. 

Vineyards of Vigevano. On the 20th day of March 1494. And in 
the winter they are covered with earth. h 38 r. 

On the fifth day of September 1494 Giulio began the lock of my 
small study. h 105 [38 v.] r. 

To-morrow morning on the second day of January 1496 I will make 
the thong and the attempt. c.a. 314 r. b 


15 lire 

4 soldi 

9 lire 



9 soldi 


12 soldi 

i lira 

5 soldi 


5 soldi 

(26 lire 

5 soldi) 



[Saldino expenses 1497] 
The cloak of Salai the fourth day of April 1497 

4 braccia of silver cloth 

green velvet for the trimming 


small rings 

for the making 

ribbon for the front 


here for his grossoni 1 13 
[In ehal\] Salai stole the soldi. l 94 r. 

Monday I bought forty-six braccia of cloth, thirteen lire, fourteen 
and a half soldi, on the seventeenth day of October 1497. 1 49 [1] v. 

On the first day of August 1499 I wrote here of movement and 
weight. c.a. 104 r. b 

Dovecot at Urbino. 30 July 1402 (1502) l 6 r. 

First day of August 1502. 

At Pesaro, the Library. l cover r. 

Make a harmony with the different falls of water as you have seen 
at the fountain of Rimini, as you have seen on the eighth day of 
August 1502. l 78 r. 

St. Mary's Day, the middle of August, at Cesena, 1502. l 36 v. 

Porto Cesenatico on the sixth day of September 1502 at fifteen hours. 

How bastions ought to project beyond the walls of towns to be able 
to defend the outer slopes so that they may not be struck by the 
artillery. l 66 v. 

Memorandum how on the eighth day of April 1503 I Lionardo 2 da 
Vinci lent Vante [Attavante] the miniaturist four gold ducats in gold. 
Salai took them to him and gave them into his own hand. He under- 
took to repay me within forty days. 

Memorandum how on the above-mentioned day I gave Salai three 

1 Grossone — an old Tuscan coin — value about 30 centesimi (Fanfani). 

2 Leonardo, like Shakespeare, spelt his name in more than one way. 



gold ducats which he said he needed, in order to get a pair ot rose- 
coloured stockings with their adornments. 

And I have still to give him nine ducats, against which he owes me 
twenty ducats, that is seventeen lent at Milan and three at Venice. 

Memorandum how I gave Salai twenty-one braccia of cloth for 
making shirts, at ten soldi the braccio: which I gave him on the twen- 
tieth day of April 1503. b.m. 229 v. 

On the morning of St. Peter's Day, on the twenty-ninth day of June 
1504, I took ten ducats, of which I gave one to Tommaso my servant 
to spend. c.a. 71 v. b 

On the ninth day of July 1504, on Wednesday at seven o'clock, died, 
at the Palace of the Podesta, Ser Piero da Vinci, notary, my father, at 
seven o'clock; he was eighty years old, he left ten sons and two 
daughters. b.m. 272 r. 

On Wednesday, at seven o'clock, died Ser Piero da Vinci, on the 
ninth day of July 1504. 

On Friday the ninth day of August 1504 I took ten ducats from the 
cupboard. c.a. 71 v. b 


On Friday the ninth day of August 1504 I drew ten gold florins. 

On the morning of Saturday the third day of August 1504 Jacopo 
the German came to stay with me in my house; he arranged with me 
that I should allow him a carline a day for his expenses. 

Have given Friday the ninth day of August fifteen grossoni, that is 
five florins five soldi. 

Has given me one gold florin on the twelfth day of August. 

Have given on the fourteenth day of August three grossoni to 

And on the eighteenth day of the said [month] five grossoni to 

On the eighth day of September six grossoni to the steward to spend, 
that is the day of Our Lady. 

On the sixteenth day of the said September four grossoni to Tom- 
maso, on Sunday. e.m. 271 v. 



The cortona a bird of prey ... I saw going to Fiesole above the place 
of the Barbiga in 5 (the year 1505) on the fourteenth day of March. 

Sul Volo (f.m.) 18 [17] v. 

1505, on the evening of Tuesday the fourteenth day of April 
Lorenzo came to live with me; he said that he was seventeen years 
of age. 

And on the fifteenth day of this April I had twenty-five gold florins 
from the Treasurer of Santa Maria Nuova. Sul Volo 18 v. 

Book entitled 'Of Transformation', that is of one body into another 
without diminution or increase of substance. Forster 1 3 r. 

Begun by me, Leonardo da Vinci, on the twelfth day of July 1505. 

Forster 1 3 v. 

Begun at Florence in the house of Piero di Braccio Martelli, on the 
22nd day of March, 1508. 1 b.m. i r. 


Begun at Milan on the 12th day of September 1508. 




On a day of October 1508 I had thirty crowns. I lent thirteen to 
Salai to complete his sister's dowry, and I have seventeen remaining. 

f cover 2 r. 
[Of Squaring the Circle} 
1509, April 28 

Having for a long time sought to square the angle of two curved 
sides, that is the angle e, which has two curved sides of equal curve, 
that is curve created by the same circle: now in the year 1509, on the 
eve of the calends of May, I have solved the proposition at ten o'clock 
on the evening of Sunday. I know therefore (as is shown on the reverse 
of this page A) that the surface a b taken from its position and given 
the same value with the portion c as the rectilinear triangle d c corre- 
sponds exactly to the curvilinear triangle e c, I would call it the 
curvilinear triangle a b d. Therefore that square of the triangle e will 
be found in the rectilinear triangle c d. 

Windsor MSS. (Beltrami: Documenti e memorie, 201) 

1 Opening words of Manuscript (see Page 41). 



I With drawing, washed with green and sepia, of sluices showing water 
flowing through the outlets] 

Canal of San Cristoforo at Milan made on the third day oi May 
1509. c.a. 395 r. a 

1510. On the twenty-sixth day of September Antonio broke his leg. 
He must not move for forty days. c cover r. 

This winter of the year 1510 I look to finish all this anatomy. 

Fogli a 17 r. 

Monbracco above Saluzzo, a mile above the Certosa, at the foot of 
Monte Viso, has a mine of stratified stone, white as marble of Carrara 
and flawless, and hard as porphyry or even harder. My gossip the 
master Benedetto the sculptor has promised to send me a tablet for the 
colours; on the fifth day of January 151 1. g 1 v. 

On the tenth day of December at nine o'clock in the morning the 
place was set on fire. 

On the eighteenth of December 151 1, at nine o'clock in the morning, 
this second conflagration was started by the Swiss at Milan, at the 
place called DCXC. Windsor: Drawings 12416 

[Sketch-Plan. 'Room of the tower of Vaneri'] 

On the ninth day of January 1513. Quaderni 11 7 

I departed from Milan for Rome on the 24th day of September, 
1 5 13, with Giovanni, Francesco de' Melzi, Salai, Lorenzo and il 
Fanfoia. e i r. 

[With drawings of segments of circles and mathematical calculations} 
Finished on the seventh day of July, at the twenty-third hour, in 
the Belvedere, in the study given to me by the Magnifico, 15 14. 

c.a. 90 v. a 

At the Bell at Parma, on the twenty-fifth day of September, 15 14. 1 

e 80 r. 

1 1 have followed Richter in interpreting the words alia campana as having reference 
to an Inn. Ravaisson-Mollien thinks that campana may perhaps be a variant of campagna, 
and translates A Parme, a la campagne. In a passage in the Leicester MS., written. 



II Magnifico Giuliano de' Medici set out on the ninth day of January 
1 5 15 at daybreak from Rome, to go and marry a wife in Savoy. 

And on that day came the news of the death of the King of France. 1 


g cover v. 



San Paolo at Rome has five naves and eight columns, and its width 
inside its naves is 130 braccia, and from the steps of the high altar to 
the gate 155 braccia, and from these steps to the end wall behind the 
high altar 70 braccia, and the porch is 130 braccia long and 17 braccia 

Made on the . . . day of August, 1516. c.a. 172 v. b 

Ascension Day at Amboise, in Cloux, May 1517. c.a. 103 r. b 

On the twenty-fourth of June, the day of St. John, 15 18, at Amboise, 
in the palace of Cloux. c.a. 249 r. a 


according to Calvi, between 1504 and 1506, Leonardo refers to the multitude of shells 
and corals sticking to the rocks which are to be seen in the mountains of Parma and 
Piacenza. The passage has the air of being based on first-hand knowledge. If the 
suggestion campagna be accepted it might be that Leonardo was revisiting some of his 
old haunts. The text, however, really only establishes his presence at Parma on the date 
mentioned. As such, it proves that his stay in Rome was interrupted. Dated references 
attest his presence there on the seventh of July 1514, and as late as August 151 6. 
The visit to Parma may possibly have been connected with the fact that Parma was one 
of the papal cities of which Giuliano de' Medici, Leonardo's patron in Rome, had been 
made the governor. 

1 Louis XII died on the first of January 1515.