Congratulations you have discovered A site where you can (you guessed it) - discover more about Leonardo da Vinc! A place that aims to include as much of his original content as possible that is easily accessible and also attempts to organize his massive amount of work.

He wasn't just a painter, engineer, artist, botanist, singer, or a writer (etc.etc.etc) - he was, more than anything else, a teacher. He documented everything that he knew would not be able to be realized/revealed in his own time - but would hopefully see the light of day someday. It's time to stop admiring his penmanship or how well he was able to draw, or how he was able to achieve such creativity but instead - read what he has written and learn from the the things he was depicting.  Most of all to realize that he wasn't much* more special or unique than anyone else but rather that he epitomizes a genuine creativity and joy of knowledge that we all posses. Maybe what you'll discover at the end, isn't 'da Vinci" but the little  Leo within - yourself. 

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"Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo da Vinci.

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