Bernardino Luini - Christ Among the Doctors

Bernardino Luini - Christ Among the Doctors

 Bernardino Luini

 (c. 1480/82 – June 1532) It's said he learned "as much from Leonardo as his native roots enabled him to comprehend"  Worked in Leonardo's studio and some of his art is so similar to Leonardo's that it has been confused with his. 

Andrea del Castagno:

Andrea di Bartolo di Bargilla - Nicknamed "Andrea degli Impiccati"  1421 -August 19, 1457 - His Last Supper Influenced Leonardo's Last Supper.

Andrea Solari

1460-1524, Initially named Andre del Gobbo and also Andrea del Bartolo, a name curiously shared with two other painters. Andrea is also a title that Salai used for his paintings. He was a follower of Leonardo da Vinci

Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio

Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (or Beltraffio) (1466 or 1467 – 1516)  Worked with Leonardo in his studio.

Portrait of a Lady - Ambrogio de Predis (possibly with Leonardo)

Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis

 (c. 1455 – c. 1508)  Collaborated with Leonardo on the Virgin of the Rocks.