The Annunciation

The Annunciation - c. 1472–1475 - Oil and tempera on panel - 98 cm × 217 cm (39 in × 85 in) - Uffizi, Florence, Italy

The annunciation is a classical religious theme that has been around since the 4th century. It depicts *usually* the Archangel Gabriel announcing to the Virgin Mary that she will give birth. Gabriel is traditionally on the left bowing down in profile to a Virgin Mary, reading on a ledge or balcony. Leonardo was revolutionary with his use of perspective and ethereal qualities lacking in previous renditions. 

  • By Leonardo and Andrea del Verrocchio
  • circa 1472–1475
  • Oil and tempera on panel
  • 98 cm × 217 cm (39 in × 85 in)
  • Uffizi, Florence, Italy
  • "Verrocchio used lead-based paint and heavy brush strokes. He left a note for Leonardo to finish the background and the angel. Leonardo used light brush strokes and no lead. When The Annunciation  was x-rayed, Verrocchio's work was evident while Leonardo's angel was invisible."
  • Used to be ascribed to Domenico Ghirlandaio.
  • Acquired in 1867 from the monastery of San Bartolomeo of Monteoliveto


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