For the Notebooks in this folder. 

In the references to the manuscripts which follow these abbreviations occur : 

C.A. = Codice Atlantico. 
Tr. = Codice Trivulziano. 

A, B, etc., to I, and K, L, M = MSS. A, B, etc., to I and K, L, M of the Library of the Institut de France. 

MSS. 2037 and 2038 Bib. Nat. = Nos. 2037 and 2038, Italian MSS., 

Bibliotheque Nationale. 
B.M. = Arundel MSS., No. 263, British Museum. 
Forster I, II, III = Forster Bequest MSS. I, II, III, Victoria and Albert 

Leic. = MS. formerly in possession of Earl of Leicester, now of Mr. Pierpont Morgan. 

Sul Volo = MS. 'Sul Volo degli Uccelli' in Royal Library, Turin. 
Sul Volo (F.M.)='Sul Volo' Fogli Mancanti. Fatio Collection, 

Fogli A and B = Dell' Anatomia Fogli A and B, Royal Library, 

Quaderni I-VI = Quaderni dAnatomia I-VI, Royal Library, Windsor. 
R. = J. P. Richter, Literary Wor\s of L. da V. 


1517, 10 October. 


In one of the outlying parts [of Amboise] Monsignor and the rest of us went to see Messer Lunardo Vinci the Florentine. . . . This gentleman has written of anatomy with such detail, showing by illustrations the limbs, muscles, nerves, veins, ligaments, intestines and whatever else there is to discuss in the bodies of men and women, in a way that has never yet been done by anyone else. All this we have seen with our own eyes; and he said that he had dissected more than thirty bodies, both of men and women, of all ages. He has also written of the nature of water, of divers machines and of other matters, which he has set down in an infinite number of volumes all in the vulgar tongue, which if they should be published will be profitable and very enjoyable. 


(Extract from The Journey of Cardinal Luis of Aragon through Germany, the Netherlands, France and Northern Italy, 1517-1518, written by Antonio de Beatis. Edited by Ludwig Pastor and published at Freiburg im Breisgau, 1905.)