Books about Leonardo

The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci: A fiction book.

"The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci (RussianВоскресшие боги. Леонардо да ВинчиResurrected Gods. Leonardo da Vinci, in literal translation) is the second novel by Dmitry Merezhkovsky, first published in 1900 by Mir Bozhy magazine, then released as a separate edition 1901. The novel constitutes the second part of the Christ and Antichrist (1895-1907), started by the writer's debut novel The Death of the Gods.[1]"

Leonardo da Vinci titled Products:

Da Vinci - High end Vaporizor

Da Vinci Surgical System - Minimally invasive surgical equipment. It's titled for Leonardo's anatomical/ medicine studies and his invention of the robot. 

Da Vinci labeled wines and food products. 


Media that including Leonardo's work or mentions him.

  • Mona Lisa Smile
  • "Mona Lisa" - song titles by: Britney Spears, Guster, 
  • Prometheus: The vitruvian man and the Mona Lisa are included in the displayed message sent to the aliens.
  • Start Trek Voyager: Captain Janeway has Leo's self portrait hanging in her room and has multiple episodes featuring Leonardo in the holodeck. He is her Hero. 
  • Star Trek: The newest tv series features Leonardo in their intro - his flying machines alluding to the evolution to space travel. 
  • Big Bang Theory: Vitruvian man in the into flashing collage. 
  • Gravity: The Vitruvian man can be seen hanging in a space station. 
  • 2012: The Mona Lisa is seen being stored and preserved. 
  • Jersey Shore - Italy. A guide says that "This is the building that Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa" 
  • Big Bang Theory - Has the vitruvian man in it's title sequence. 
  • Mad Men: Peggy's mother's apartment has a copy of the last supper hanging in her kitchen. 
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey: An episode titled "The Last Supper" and Danielle has a picture of St. Anne in the background of her interviews. 
  • Carrie: There is a tapestry version of the Last Supper hanging on the wall of her house and the cups are arranged on the table in a similar manner. 
  • There are hundreds (Hundreds of Thousands?) more!